Let us first start off by saying we love that our facility is a family place and that our athletes bring their kids while they are working out.

We want to provide the safest environment for your children while also providing the best CrossFit experience for our members.

To achieve this, we need to enforce a few key rules concerning our kids room and the designated areas for your child while you are working out.

Childcare hours and price/Kids room rules

** The Kids Room will ONLY be open during babysitting hours **

Babysitting hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 930-1030am

1. We are so happy to be able to offer this service; however, it is not a daycare. If an issue comes up with your child, or they need to use the restroom, you will be notified and it is your responsibility to stop your workout and attend to your child. Our babysitter cannot leave the other children in the room unattended.

2. We understand that kids will be kids, but if your child is CONSISTENTLY disrespectful, abusive to the other children, or destructive, we will ask that you not bring your child. This rule is not meant to show disrespect towards anyone but more of a reminder to the child and parent that proper behavior will be enforced.

3. Please do not bring your child if they are sick. If they are too sick to attend school/daycare that day, then they are too sick to be at the gym.

4. In order for your child to participate in the kids room, parent must sign our childcare waiver.

5. Payment for usage of the kids room must be before class, whether it is class-to-class, or our unlimited rate.

Cost of childcare:

Option 1: Unlimited classes for $25/month

Option 2: Class-to-class

- 1st child: $5/class

- Any additional children will be an extra $3/class

General Rules regarding bringing your children

If you cannot make the scheduled kid room hours, no problem. Bring your little ones with you! Please note that the kids room will be off limits outside of babysitting hours.

1. You are responsible for your kids, not the coach. If your child is crying or needs attention, drop your barbell, stop your workout, and please take care of it before rejoining the class.

2. They must remain in the seated, or outside where they can play, but NEVER on the gym floor. We cannot have kids distracting others while working out and cannot have kids getting hurt on the gym floor during adult class hours.

We love ALL kids, but if your child has a problem following these gym rules, you'll probably need to find somewhere else to take them while you workout. You know your kids better than we do; just use your best judgement.

We appreciate each one of you but at our facility, we want to emphasize safety first. We want to be a gym that welcomes everyone to our Elevate community, but need to have some ground rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Adventure Kids Playcare Katy

If childcare hours or the designated areas during adult classes does not work for you and your child, there is a 3rd option! Adventure Kids Playcare Katy offers a 15% discount for CrossFit Elevate members. Adventure Kids Playcare is located on Westheimer Parkway in The Villagio Town Center. It is a drop-in child care and entertainment center for children up to 12 years of age. First time visitors will receive $10 off their registration fee.