Youth Fitness Classes


Interested in getting your kids involved in an exciting fitness program? Look no further!!

Elevate's Youth Fitness Program is a strength and conditioning program geared towards your child's age and ability. It is based on the principle of mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. Not every individual will be at the same level, so weight and movement will be scalable and safe for each young athlete. Our goal is to show kids that fitness is FUN while teaching them how to move safely and efficiently.

By providing your child with a solid foundation of fitness, and helping them understand the value of fitness at an early age, we believe that the benefits reaped during that time in their lives will transform into a lifestyle that they prioritize in their adolescent and adult years. The physical and mental benefits of these programs are endless!

8-13 years old

Monday & Wednesday 4:15-5:00pm

First class is free!


What to expect:

- Learning exercise skills

- Active games

- Improved performance in other sports

- Opportunity to excel in their fitness and skill level

- Greater self confidence

- Fun workouts

- Teamwork