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Member Spotlight: Terry Chang

Let’s get to know YOU!

Name: Terry

Any nicknames? No

Age: 30

Hometown: Houston, TX

Profession: Law, Mediation, Education

Fitness Background: Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Tennis, Running

Favorite non-gym way to be active: Taking walks outdoors

Favorite hobby: CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sweet potatoes

Favorite health hack: Keep it simple! Go with paleo.

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate

Biggest health and fitness goal: Making it a lifestyle! Persistence, not perfection.

Now the nitty-gritty workout stuff…

When did you first try CrossFit and what made you want to try it? I first tried CrossFit back in 2011 (at Elevate when it opened!) and I actually didn’t even know I was getting myself into CrossFit! I was just looking for a small gym to workout at and somehow, I stumbled across Elevate. It turned out to be a CrossFit gym and my love for the sport was planted.

What makes you stick with CrossFit? I love the challenge of knowing that it is so insanely hard. There’s always something to learn, movements to get better at, lifts to get stronger at, workouts to get faster at, and something to improve on. You can never get bored. I love the variety of movements and skills, and ultimately, the community that we have in this sport makes it truly something so special!

Favorite movement: The power snatch!

Least favorite movement/something that’s hard for you: Wall balls…

What gets you through tough workouts? The thought of knowing that the struggle I’m feeling during a tough workout will only last a few minutes of my life, but the feeling of disappointment from quitting will last much longer.

What keeps you motivated? Knowing that I want to get stronger every day.

Proudest Elevate moment to date? Participating in the 2019 CrossFit Open!

Hobbies outside of killing it at the gym: Baking paleo desserts!

Changes you’ve seen from working out at Elevate: Staying on top of my nutrition, keeping up with mobility, and finding the importance of self-care and mindset.

How has CrossFit helped you outside of the gym: CrossFit has taught me that persistence and grit will always be worth the fight. Pushing past our comfort zones will always make us stronger. If I trust in my abilities, commit to the movement, and never let doubt creep into my mind, I will always surprise myself. CrossFit makes us have to dig deep. It makes us have to believe that we can do whatever is in front of us. We may never be the strongest, the fastest, or even the best in this sport, but we can always give it our all. Work hard. Stay humble. This goes for everything in our lives.

How do you balance working out with life? I always schedule working out into my calendar each week just like anything else that I need to do. If we make it a priority, it will become a priority.

Why CrossFit Elevate? Elevate was my very first CrossFit gym, and it was the start of my entire CrossFit journey. From the beginning in 2011 and now being back 8 years later, I feel like I grew up in this gym. The coaches are amazing, and the members are like family. Elevate will always be my home.