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Member Spotlight: Lance Olenius

Let’s get to know YOU!

Name: Lance Olenius

Any nicknames? Not really

Age: 43

Hometown: Victoria, Tx

Profession: Oil and Gas Environmental Professional

Fitness Background: I primarily played baseball most of my youth and into college. After that was done, I went a bit wild and played rugby, softball, and martial arts, got into mountain biking, started weight lifting (or so I thought), did cycling, and then dabbled in triathlon. I apparently need variety.

Favorite non-gym way to be active: I still enjoy cycling and swimming.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Probably barbeque.

Favorite indulgence? I’m going to go with ice cream. Craft beer comes off wrong.

Describe yourself in one word: Resilient

Now the nitty-gritty workout stuff…

When did you first try CrossFit and what made you want to try it? November 2016. I trained for about 8 months to complete a bucket list item of a half Ironman, then decided to take a break after the event because my body was hurting. That turned into 5 months of “resting” and I needed a kick in the pants to get back in shape. CrossFit was perfect and I’d never done it before. Most people I knew that did CrossFit seemed to just have outstanding functional fitness.

What makes you stick with CrossFit? The variety. The structure. The observable progress of feeling myself getting stronger and more agile.

Favorite movement: Probably squats. For some reason I like the way a good leg burn feels. It’s closely followed by power cleans. That movement was brand new to me when I started CrossFit, so it’s been fun improving technique.

Least favorite movement/something that’s hard for you: Least favorite is probably handstand pushups. Muscle ups are hard (because I can’t do one), but that’s a goal for 2019. I’m not great at pullups either.

What gets you through tough workouts? I’m usually telling myself during a WOD “you know when you were younger this wouldn’t have been so hard.” So yeah, I guess it’s the fear of being too old for something.

What keeps you motivated? Every new PR keeps me wanting more. Failing at certain movements keeps me wanting to overcome them. And knowing how I felt when I let myself fall completely out of shape makes me never want to feel that way again.

Proudest Elevate moment to date? It’s really simple, but hitting a back squat PR I’d never done in my life. I will say that my proudest moment to come will be that first muscle up.

Hobbies outside of killing it at the gym: I love to fish and if I can’t fish, then just being on the water, which usually involves another attempt to go fishing. I also love to barbeque and cook and can usually be found doing some DIY project at home.

Changes you’ve seen from working out at Elevate: I feel stronger and more mobile. My knees don’t hurt anymore and my bum shoulder doesn’t bother me as much.

How has CrossFit helped you outside of the gym: “Healthy body, healthy mind” is so true. It’s just a cascade of improvements that I’ve observed. I sleep better, and better sleep leads to better days at work, more energy to do things with my family, and more focus. My clothes fit better, so I feel better about myself. My diet isn’t exactly perfect, but I eat healthier more often.

How do you balance working out with family life? Honestly, it’s hard with so many activities going on, but I just make sure to treat it like everything else. I try to schedule and communicate which days I’ll be going to work out and stick with that. Beyond that, it’s taking advantage of a free hour and getting in there. I’m not a morning workout person, so - for now - that’s not an option.

What’s your favorite part of bringing your kid(s) to the gym? I don’t really, but my youngest is always asking to go. She’ll probably end up going with me sometime.

Why CrossFit Elevate? I planned to try several CrossFit boxes initially, but I never made it past Elevate. Didn’t need to. Luke is great and really wants people to be healthy and not just a member. The people I’ve met at Elevate are amazing and encouraging and I don’t feel judged. Those fist bumps after a workout are more meaningful than you think. Seeing all of you making fitness a lifestyle choice is very inspiring. Plus…the chickens. These chickens are so much happier than the chickens at all the other gyms I’ve been to. That tells you something. :)