Member Spotlight: Nicole Odom

Let’s get to know YOU!

Name: Nicole Odom

Any nicknames? NikNac or Nikki (but these aren’t for public use)

Age: 37 (my birthday is April 6)

Hometown: Houston, Texas (I’m a local)

Profession: Strategic Sourcing Manager

Fitness Background: I ran track in high school but didn’t start really working out till after I had twins in 2012. I’ve done it all; CrossFit, cycling, half marathons, kickboxing, personal trainer, yoga, Pilates, etc. I actually stopped working out in 2016 after I lost my mom because I would talk to her before every workout/run, so it became too hard. At the end of 2017 I realized my body really suffered from lack of working out, so I recommitted myself to being “fit.”

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Sleep and still have an active and productive life.

Who’s your real life super hero? If you would have asked me this 3 years ago, I would have said no one because I think people put too much pressure on heroes, BUT now I would have to say my mom, who passed away in August 2016 from pancreatic cancer.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Good food & wine.

Pick one color to describe yourself: Red (editor's note: perfect color because she is FIERCE).

Now the nitty-gritty workout stuff…

When did you first try CrossFit/Bootcamp and what made you want to try it? After I had twins, I tried Crossfit Elevate in 2012. I did everything that I thought would help me lose weight after having twins.

What makes you stick with CrossFit/Bootcamp? Results! I love being physically pushed and mentally challenged during each workout.

Favorite movement: Deadlifts or anything that shows my strength, but I also like wallballs. I love feeling strong!

Least favorite movement/something that’s hard for you: Burpees!! I dread burpees and feel like I’m crawling to get up.

What gets you through tough workouts? Thinking about my mom and how she kept pushing through until her last breath while she battled pancreatic cancer.

What keeps you motivated? Results!

Proudest Elevate moment to date? I’m still waiting for this moment, but if I had to use a moment(s), it would be the weeks I push myself to complete two-a-days of a WOD and Bootcamp.

Hobbies outside of killing it at the gym: I love traveling and reading.

Changes you’ve seen from working out at Elevate: I’ve most definitely gotten stronger.

How has CrossFit/Bootcamp helped you outside of the gym: I’m a sleepyhead, so I think CrossFit has really given me energy to get through my long days.

How do you balance working out with family life? I don’t! I actually think balance is an overused word. You just do it! Something always needs to get done, but I think being a healthy person helps me be a better person for my family.

Why CrossFit Elevate? The People, The END! But, really Luke is a great CrossFit coach and Liz is an amazing Bootcamp coach, and by default amazing people show up to workout and that creates such a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.