Member Spotlight: DeLynn Mitchell

Let's start with the easy stuff...

Name: DeLynn Mitchell

Age: 33

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX

Profession: Sr. HR Business Partner

Fitness Background: Um, minimal? I had very little physical fitness interest growing up and didn’t decide to pull it together until after my second child. I realized I had no excuse not to be in better physical health and I wanted to be a role model for my kids. I started with very, very slow running, completed a number of 5ks and a 10k, then got myself a personal trainer and eventually landed in CrossFit.

Now onto the CrossFit stuff...

When did you first try CrossFit and what made you want to try it? February 2014. I’d had a personal trainer for three months solely for the purpose of getting ready for CrossFit because I was so intimidated by it! I wanted to do it to prove to myself that I could.

What was your first CrossFit workout? I can’t say I remember exactly, but there was minimal barbell work, many burpees, and I think bear crawls. It was miserable.

What made you stick with CrossFit? Every single day is different and not every day is going to be a good day. I’m forced to do something I don’t want to do nearly every day, which forces me to work on my weaknesses and get better.

Favorite WOD: 17.4 is a pretty good one... except for that whole handstand push up thing

17.4: AMRAP 13

55 deadlifts

55 wall balls

55 calorie row

55 handstand push-ups

Least favorite WOD: Helen is deceptively difficult for me. It always looks reasonable on paper and then leaves me wanting to puke.

Helen: 3RFT

400m run

21 KB swings

12 pull-ups

Favorite movement: Back squat (who’s surprised?! I know you guys are super surprised).

Least favorite movement/something that’s hard for you: Double unders & snatches.

What gets you through tough workouts? The people working out with me. Everyone is working hard, everyone struggles with something at some point, and everyone is fighting through it together. In the same way that I push others not to give up, my Elevate friends push me not to give up.

What keeps you motivated? Being stronger than I was yesterday. There’s always room to be better.

Proudest CrossFit moment to date? Every single time I hit a PR, it’s a new proud moment. I’m also always proud every time I put myself out there and compete, regardless of performance. Julie, Paul, Jeff and I took on a really tough RX competition earlier this year - my first RX competition. Bari and I have partnered and competed fairly well in a couple competitions (both internal & external), and it’s always a proud moment knowing that we’ve put ourselves out there.

Hobbies outside of CrossFit: There are hobbies outside of CrossFit?! I focus on powerlifting outside of CF, I love to read, I really enjoy traveling/making memories with my family, and any remaining time is devoted to my job.

Changes you’ve seen because of CrossFit: The biggest changes are mental. It’s a stress reliever for me and it keeps me balanced and sane when everything else is so busy and hectic. I also have much more confidence in myself. Physically, I’m leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been.

How has CrossFit helped you outside of the gym: It helps keep me balanced in all aspects of my life, and it’s provided lifelong friendships.

How do you balance working out with family life? Working out is part of our family life. My husband and I both work out often, sometimes together, and our girls join us at the gym whenever they aren’t in school. It’s a regular part of our routine.

What’s your favorite part of bringing your kids to the gym? I love that my girls just accept this as part of their upbringing now. They ask if we’re going to the gym and wave and cheer from upstairs. They also love having some play time, and occasionally they've jumped in for modified workouts of their own.

Why CrossFit Elevate? By far, Luke has the best programming around. It’s challenging, balanced, and barbell heavy (which is something I love!). And, without fail, the people. When my dad passed unexpectedly earlier this year, the Elevate family quickly and quietly surrounded us with love and support, even though we’d only been members for about 6 months. They helped with meals, offered to take care of kids, and sat next to me quietly when I’d quit whatever we were doing and just sit on the floor. It’s a remarkable group of people. They're friends, but they're family too.